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Our design model, is essential to a high performance online business. Our years of experience and knowledge in design, consumer psychology, and the best visual practices will provide your company with increased conversions. Here at Fluxfire we take your ideas & formulate them in an appealing way that resonates with you audience.



The development of any online or mobile product can be a daunting and frustrating path. There are so many different languages, platforms, hosting providers, databases and other factors that go into building your virtual platform. Our clients normally have little to no knowledge in the different solutions available to them, so we break it down to them in a simple terms. We use our combined 40+ years of experience in development to work with you to provide the best solution to fit all your needs.


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Launching your online business properly is a very important task. Without a great strategy for market implementation, your business can take on many risk that could've been avoided with a strategic release plan. Fluxfire has launched hundreds of online and mobile products, and our launch model has proven to be the determining factor of the success of the business after the first 6 months of release.

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Our business model is to utilize the virtues of intimacy, consistency, and strategy into our products. We use it in everything we do. From our relationships with our clients, to our clients relationship with their consumers. Most businesses come to us asking for us to build their virtual product with no real strategy for personalization for the consumer, and this is why most businesses fail. We understand here, that the more intimate your relationship with the customer, the more likely they are to continue to use your product. This is what we call the value process.

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