Meet our team

The Fluxfire Story

Ever since its inception, Fluxfire has been a company centered around growth and development. Founded in 2011 by William Miller, FluxFire has been an industry shaker. The company originally started as an iphone gaming company then later merged into a full on web & app development company in 2016. Fluxfire has always been a company that gives more than it takes. We are always learning and have ambitions to be a household name.

Company Founder / CEO

William is no stranger to business, ever since the age of 11 he has been running business. At the age of 15 he started developing gaming apps under the company FluxFire. From 15 years old to the present he has earned his Finance license, studied business, marketing and finance, and business law in college, and a built multiple businesses simultaneously. His unwavering drive to compete with the biggest tech companies in America, is what defines him. William is no stranger to working 100+ hour weeks to reach deadlines and maximize productivity. He has built networks with very influential leaders in corporate America and is only beginning. His goal is to provide as much value as possible to his clients by implementing his wealth of knowledge and experience in building successful and failed online business.

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