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Our discovery process is the most important step in the successful development of your online or mobile product. This is where we begin working with you. We collect information about your business, customers, and business model to formulate how best to translate those factors into your app & website.

This process includes:
- Sprint Workshops
- Market Research
- Product Strategizing
- Strategic Planning

Time Frame: 1 - 4 weeks



This is our second stage of production, where we design and develop your product. During this phase we like to keep our clients constantly updated on the our progress. We utilize technologies like Adobe XD, VSCode, WebFlow, Shopify, Wordpress, Xcode, Sketch, Slack, Google Docs & Spreadsheets & more.

This process includes:
- Designing
- Prototyping
- Custom Content & Artwork
- Zoom Calls
- Developing (programming / front-end)
- Back-end Development
- Analytics Software
- Collaboration

Timeframe: 1 - 4 months (Depends on the project)



Once we've developed  your website / app to your vision and of all your shareholders we launch the product to the market. We strategize our launches differently depending on the project, the market, the shareholder, the industry, and the platform. During the discovery process we outline our launch goals, so during the launch phase we actively target those goals.

This process includes:
- Goal Alignment & Targeting
- IOS/Android/Web Distribution
- Metric Optimization
- Analytical Study
- Strategic Planning
- Consumer & Market Research

Timeframe: 3 - 6 months



This is the ongoing stage, where we keep the site live with steady updates.

This Process Includes:
- Metric optimization
- Content Production & Implementation
- Market Research
- Debugging
- General Maintenance.

Timeframe: As long as you'll have us.


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