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App Development

Developing an app can be very expensive and extremely risky if not done properly. We pride ourselves in reducing the the odds of failure by utilizing the M.V.P method, using analytics & in app tools to steadily increase user retention, and building UI/UX that converts and separates your product from any other. Our team of experienced designers and developers utilize our combined 40+ years of experience in development to provide the you with best version of your mobile product.


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Web Development

Web development, just like app development, is a strategic process. Fluxfire is an all in one solution provider, meaning that we define a blue print for your online business and convert it into a unique and intimate website. Our discovery process allows us to research your product market. We use our understanding of your consumer persona, user retention rates, and strategic placing to keep consumers coming back, and making you money.


UI/UX Design

UI & UX design is a term you will hear a lot about when it comes to web & app development. UI stands for User Interface, and UX stands for User Experience. Books like "Don't Make Me Think" & "Hooked" define the psychology concepts involved in the simplified design model that we specialize in. Our UI & UX design process shows proven results in increasing user retention and sales volume. Our customers have quoted our result as being "magical" & "unbelievable" but it all boils down to science, psychology, and creative young designers.



Once your app or website initially releases it is essential that you quickly start to test it out on your target markets. We encourage this because it's best to figure out early on what your users do when they are on the platform. Watching for key metrics like bounce rates, retention, and growth will allow you to better understand how to proceed in the development process. Think about how often platforms like Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Bloomberg, etc. update. This is because they are constantly collecting data on how their users use the platform, and quickly and consistently integrate solutions for improving those key metrics.



Reading analytics is to a lot of business owners can be as complex to understand as programming. It's funny because most businesses we work with have no idea how to read and improve analytics in systematic and scalable way. That's why we offer this service as part of our business model. We are selective in who we choose to work with, and we like to work with businesses that are willing to learn and grow. We organize meetings with all major stakeholders to explain the process and key metrics to focus your businesses growth efforts around.



Every online business needs maintenance. Many business create a website or app, but seldomly provide any updates to their platform, simply because its value is often under-looked. The reason why big businesses like Amazon can monopolize entire markets, is because they have the resources to implement the best technologies to improve the platform to greater fit the consumers needs and wants. Fluxfire maintains your platform by providing consistent updates and maintenance, based around the testing, analytics, and improving technology solutions we study.


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